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OTA, PG-13 I guess (at most)
by noir_narcissist (noir_narcissist)
at March 30th, 2006 (06:52 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off

Cissy was furious. She'd looked high and low for him, and yet couldn't find him anywhere. "Samson!" she called again. She was now panicked. Trust her to lose her "pet" doxy in the dormitory. She knew she hadn't left the cage open, but anyone could have opened it. Why would they? Any wizard knos doxies are venomous and potentially fatal if not handled properly. And know Samson was flying around somewhere in the Slytherin dungeon, or worse, had found his way out of the Common Room and into the mainstream of the castle. "SAMSON!" She called once more. But she was silenced when she heard a creak on the stairs.