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by Emmeline Vance (m_n_emmeline)
at February 10th, 2006 (05:27 pm)

Who: Anyone

What: They're on the way back to Hogwarts.

Where: Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express on September first.

Rating: PG just in case there's cursing or something.

Its seemed that it was always the same for almost every family when the time to board the train approached. There were hugs and kisses, good byes with reminders to stay out of trouble, there was the worry of mothers, and that last looks from fathers, when you knew they cared and just wanted you to be safe. It really was the same every year. Except that this year it seemed Emmeline Vance's mother was set on giving her an even longer lecture than usual, her father standing beside, waiting to make his own comments to his daughter before she left.

"...And don't forget to study hard and long, Emmeline. The tests you take this year are the most important, they determine whether you'll succeed in life or not; how well you'll do."

She nodded quickly. "I know, mum. And I'll be well behaved." Emme added, seeing her mother open her mouth once again to make another comment.

Her mother sighed, running her hand through her matching dark hair. “I suppose you do after seven years worth of reminding now.” She gave her daughter a smile, hugging her close, before turning to her husband. “Is there anything you’d like to add, dear?”

Emmeline watched as her father’s gaze turned to her, it was a long sharp stare, one she knew well. He hoped it would make her listen to him, though they both knew it wouldn’t. They both knew the words that were going to come out of his mouth, he had been saying them since she started school and even before that.

"I don't believe you'll listen to me, seeing as you haven't for the last seven years, but stay away from muggle borns and stick to purebloods as much as possible." Her father instructed, unaware the withering look his wife was now giving him.

Emme bit back her retort that not all muggle borns were bad, in fact most weren't. She had a lot of muggle born friends at school. But she had learned long ago that arguing with her father was pointless and got her absolutely no where. Her father had such differing views from herself and her mother anyway, she knew that the only reason he hadn't used a more vile word like 'mudblood' was because her mother didn't like it and she was standed right nearby.

She could see how hard it was for him not to say more. After all he had been a Slytherin himself in his own days. Emmeline figured the only reason he wasn't in with the Voldemort and his Death Eaters was because he had met her Ravenclaw mother before he'd had the chance to get the offer. Thankfully, Emme had become more like her mother than her father in both personality, appearance, and beliefs. She just didn't see why it mattered that she was pureblooded when others weren't. That didn't change who that person was on the inside, which was what should matter and did to her. Of course the way she thought was probably the reason she was in Gryffindor. Now that had been something her father hadn't been happy about, though her mother had been thrilled.

"Bye Mum, Dad." Emmeline said with one last smile before turning to the train, her things rolling behind her as her mother called for her not to forget to write home.

It was good to be going back to school. While summer was always nice, Hogwarts was a second home for her and she was anxious to get back. Of course the thought of this being her last year before she was set on her own out into the world was a little nerve racking when she thought about it, and while she knew it would come all too soon, she would rather enjoy life as it was now and not worry about it.

Emme turned the corner, coming into one of the last empty compartments. She set her belongings up above her, sitting down and looking out the window, hoping someone would sit here so she wouldn't be alone for the train ride.


Posted by: Evan Rosier (noblerosier)
Posted at: February 12th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)

“Do you remember what I told you?”

“Something about staying to our kind and not mingling with filth,” the boy, well technically we would have to refer to him as man as he was of age now, replied off handedly. How many times was he going to have to hear this speech? Hogwarts was full of filth, and Mudbloods. He knew this already. The Wizarding world was covered in those kind of people, so one could logically deduce that the schools would be the same way. And the filth had not made any effort to disguise itself either. Sickening, really.

The father gave his son a hard look. “Watch your tongue,” He snapped. His son might be his pride and joy but Merlin, could his cheek get old fast. He didn't admit it, but he was hoping that with one more year of schooling and teachers, Evan would learn to keep his cheek and sarcasm to himself. It might have been likely, but one could dream.

“I’ll try, Father,” the young man replied automatically. He wasn't very happy about the idea of going back to Hogwarts. He didn't need anymore schooling from a bunch of Muggle lovers that really knew nothing about anything. He would be much better off with his dad.

After a moment of awkward silence, he continued. “I’m going to go to the train now." He picked up his trunk by the handle and grabbed his bag with the other hand. When his father said nothing, he started to turn for the train.

His father nodded, watching his son carefully. “Oh, and behave yourself, Evan.” He added.

Evan Rosier stopped walking for a moment, frowning to himself at his father’s words. What could he possibly mean by that? When didn't he "behave himself"? But then without turning around, he headed for the train, ignoring his father completely now.

After dropping his trunk off at the baggage car, Evan picked his way through the mass of students and parents, scowling at the ones who ran into him or almost ran into him or looked at him in general. He was definitely in one of his moods and now that going back to Hogwarts was a definite, it was likely to get progressively worse for the next two weeks. After that though, it would level out and he'd go back to being his old self within the month.

He finally boarded the train and now came the daunting task of finding a compartment that wasn't in use. Many of them were, and not one by a person he could stand to be around for hours-long train ride. Even if he did come across a housemate, they were in a younger year and their naivety and endless questions would likely make him a murderer of children. So he continued looking until he came across a compartment with just one person in it.

Emmeline Vance. There wasn't much that could be said about her except that she was a pureblood, but Gryffindor and one of those insane purebloods that thought Muggles and Mudbloods were alright. if you ignored that, she was decent enough.

Well, now that he'd been stopped and watching her for a few minutes now, he might as well say hello unless he seemed like some kind of stalker. "Emmeline," He said softly, nodding towards her and mustering the energy to smile a smidge at her.

Posted by: Emmeline Vance (m_n_emmeline)
Posted at: February 12th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)

Emmeline looked up from the window to see who had said her name. She had been aware that someone had been watching her for a few minutes now, but she hadn't bothered to see who it was, figuring them to be some first year or someone she didn't know who was trying to figure out who she was or if she was nice, or something along those lines.

She certainly didn't expect to see Evan Rosier. There wasn't really anything wrong with him, except for maybe the fact that he was Slytherin, but even that didn't bother her all that much, considering her own father had been one. Plus, she didn't judge people based on something as silly as where the sorting hat had placed them, character was what counted. To her anyway.

Now that she realized that she had been quiet for a few moments since he'd spoken to her, she figured she better reply before she seemed rude. "Hello, Evan." She said pleasantly, the usual smile on her lips.

Well, she might has well try to make conversation. That was just the way she was, friendly, always open to talk with anyone no matter who that person was. And she really didn't have any thing much better to do anyway before the train took off or even once it had. "So, looking forward to the new school year?" She asked, brushing a piece of dark behind her ear.

Posted by: Evan Rosier (noblerosier)
Posted at: February 12th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)

Evan narrowed his eyes a little when she took a while to answer. That was never good when someone hesitated when answering. According to his dad, it meant the person was hiding something. Not that anything Emmeline could be hiding was of any interest to him, of course. It was just odd.

And she was smiling and trying to be nice. Well, that wasn't anything out of her norm. The few times that he'd ever taken notice of her, she'd been smiling and being nice to someone who didn't deserve it. Maybe that was why he even remembered, because she acted so oddly.

He gave a dry laugh, unable to hold it back. Was he looking forward to the new year? No, he really wasn't. He hadn't in the past and this one was just completely unnecessary and such things tended to piss him off.

"Not really," He answered, not wanting to get into his troubles with his father with her. She wouldn't understand his desperate want to join his father in being a Death Eater now, rather than later. And it just wasn't worth getting into a fight with her about. Again, unnecessary.

Not wanting to seem rude, he was a little chivalrous at heart after all, Evan asked. "What about you? Glad to be going back?"

Posted by: Emmeline Vance (m_n_emmeline)
Posted at: February 12th, 2006 06:34 am (UTC)

Emmeline hadn't really expected a different reaction from him to her question. Most students weren't happy to be going back to school, it meant more work and then if you added the fact that they were seventh years this year, you really didn't want to come back. And then given who he was and what house he came from, it wasn't that out of place.

As for herself, she had no idea whether or not she wanted to go back or not. On one hand she didn't have to be at home with her father, which wasn't that pleasant, though if her mother was there it wasn't that bad. But on the other hand this year meant more responsibilities.

Not that she wasn't sure she could handle them, she knew she could, she had manage to get through her fifth and sixth year, which had been the hardest years so far, she would manage to get through this one without much more difficulty. She hoped.

Now, to answer his question. Emmeline shrugged, "It'll be nice to be back with friends, you know?" She said. "But I will miss not having to work."

Posted by: Evan Rosier (noblerosier)
Posted at: February 13th, 2006 01:25 am (UTC)

She'd hesitated again. It wasn't as long of hesitation as the first time, but she'd still hesitated. There had still been a moment of silence and that unnerved him somehow.

"I guess," Evan said in response to her questions. Nice to be back with friends, you could say that. For her, being at Hogwarts was probably all about laughing with her little Mudblood friends, but it wasn't quite the same in the dungeons where the Slytherins dwelled. A lot less laughter and a lot more fights.

"You don't see your friends during the holidays?" He asked, before he could stop himself. That's what it had sounded like, honestly and while it was rude of him to imply that she was alone during the summer, he didn't necessarily regret asking.

"Sometimes I think the work is what keeps me sane."

Posted by: noir_narcissist (noir_narcissist)
Posted at: February 14th, 2006 01:57 am (UTC)
Narcissa Black

Narcissa felt rather out-of-sorts this morning, watching her fellow Hogwarts students getting dropped off and hugged goodbye before the start of the term. Her mother had made her and Bella Apparate down to the platform, and had required her to look after the sometimes immature Bella.

She dusted herself off, after her almost disasterous landing. She had only gotten her Apparition permission about two weeks before. She had fallen and hit the floor, and was now dirty. But she dusted off and walked onto the train. She picked an empty car on the train, and sat, pulling out her Potions kit, and carefully measuring out supplies for a basic Draught to Enduce Euphoria. She ground out the ingredients, and poured them into a cauldron. She needed some Euphoria right now.

Posted by: noir_narcissist (noir_narcissist)
Posted at: February 15th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)
Narcissa Black

Cissy squirmed and got to her feet. She walked out of the compartment and walked into the cart wherein were Emmeline Vance and Evan Rosier.

"Mornin'," she mumbled, hoping they had heard. She twisted her blonde hair around her finger, and waited for Bella, Lucius, Avery, Tom, or Severus to board the train. She would sit with them, although she wouldn't say much. She really couldn't. Not in the presence of Tom and Lucius. She could talk to Lucius, but not in the presence of his friends.

Posted by: noir_narcissist (noir_narcissist)
Posted at: February 24th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Narcissa Black

((Please excuse my lack of introduction...I'll make up for it now))

Narcissa's cold ice-blue eyes studied the note her mother had left for her.

I hope you have a good term at Hogwarts. Keep an eye on your sister, Bellatrix, and insure she does not get herself expelled. That little stint of hers last year could cause her more trouble than it was worth. DO NOT mingle with the Mudbloods. No one from the most notable house of Black is permitted to be in contact with such non-worthy creatures. Your sister's little hell-raising stunt with the Levicorpus spell could get us all in trouble.

Narcissa wanted to cry at the insensitivity her mother showed. She tied her blonde hair back with a black ribbon. The black robe and the ribbon made her already sickly-pale skin appear even lighter and paler.

((This comes before the conversation with Emmeline and Evan))

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